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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shoppy, Shoppy, Fun, Fun

Hello my lovely friends.  How many of you went out into the crazy crowds today and if you did, why in the hell didn't you just shop online like me? ;0) LOL  JK, I wish I could've gotten to Walmart (the one place I NEVER shop) b/c they are the only place with the new Cricut Lite cartridges for sale.  I got online in the wrong spot, so I didn't find them until they were all sold out.  :(  I am so bummed about that, but I had a BLAST shopping on Joann's directly from my website .  They have some great deals and they're goin on all weekend!  If anyone wants coupon codes (if you shop through my site), I'll be happy to get them to ya.  Unfortunately, online, they won't combine coupon codes so you can either get 15% off your whole order, free shipping after $35.00, or 50% off one item.  I chose the free shipping!  I'm going to finish up my order tomorrow and I will post what I'm getting. 

I just watched the coolest video for those of us who just aren't that great at making bows.  It's from another blog, but I'm going to see if she minds if I post it over here for you all to see.  It's the reason I got onto Joann's in the first place.  I finished my shopping this morning until I watched that video and found that awesome bow making tool!  Then, I started all over again! :p  Well, it was fun and I really didn't spend too much.

Also shopped at Kohl's, Old Navy & Gap, and Charlotte Russe, where I got the most stuff  My sweet hubby bought me some great clothes from Kohl's.  It was fun and got to do it all from bed while on massive doses of pain meds!  Don't worry.  I will be calling my doctors on Monday to see what to do.  And thank you for all your prayers, btw.  I appreciate it so much!

Hope you all had a super fun day and got some awesome goodies.  I really want to know what everyone bought, so please post those comments!

XO ~ Amy Jo


Nancy said...

I am glad you had a great shopping day!! My husband and I did go out but it was around 8:00. The first place was walmart, at that time it really wasnt bad at all. I did get a few things I wanted ( I took the wrong list so cold remember everything) and didnt have to wait in line at all. Then we went to best buy. Yes....we did buy a tv. We didnt really need one but the one in our bedroom is old(still works great) and my husband wanted a l...something flat screen. I went to kmart the lines were awful!!! I did get 1 item my grandson wanted. I paid for it at the sporting good lines!!!! I then went to Joann's, my son wants me to make him pj bottoms , he says mine are better than store can I not make them!! Anyway I walked in saw about 10 people in line to cash out and about the same in line for fabric with a few FULL carriages so I walked back out. I will go during the week.
My pain has been so bad I am having a hard time sleeping. I do have some darvocet left but I am now afraid to take them. I really do hate meds!! On Wednesday I talked to the nurse at my doctors office and she told me the doctor said to take tylenol. She must of been having a bad day because I couldnt get her to understand that tylenol doesn't do a thing for me. So I gave up and I will be calling back on Monday when I can talk to the doctor myself.
I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

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