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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Retail Therapy - Cure for Fibromyalgia ;o)

Ok, so of course it's not a cure, but man, when you've been in bed for almost an entire week, shopping can be the greatest thing ever!  I had a MAJOR shopping spree for myself, thanks to some awesome Craig's list sales and my good friend, Susan.  I have to share with you what all I got so I'm posting a picture because in true scrapbook form, a picture is worth a thousand words! Wow, that's a lot of stuff! 

First we went over to Joann's and then we went to Michael's.  I was armed with coupons for Joann's, but didn't have my Michael's ones on me and the saleslady was sooooo awesome, she not only did a 40% on one item for me, but a 20% off overall!  At Joann's I also got the 40% off and a 10% off overall!  Talk about a fun day!  We got out and about around 3:30ish and came home by 6:00.  I even had enough energy to work on cards! (I will be posting one or two tomorrow.)  I hope everyone had a great Saturday like mine.  :)

I just had to show off my picture of all my fun stuff, but now it is time for a Vicodin, Lorazepam, and Opana cocktail and some more card making.  Nancy, I read your comments and I have so much more to post, but have to use my energy tonight for card making deadlines so I will leave some comments tomorrow for ya.

Thank you all for following!

Hugs to all and sweet dreams!
XO ~ Amy Jo


Jeanine said...

wow it looks like you had fun!! I am so happy for you it looks like you got a lot of great stuff. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

scrap4fun said...

Hi Amy that's a lot of fun stuff to play with!
I wish we had such stores here LOL.

Have fun and take care!

Wendy Crowe said...

OMG! That's a lot of goodies!!! What fun stuff!!! Take care of yourself and enjoy your goodies! :)

Nancy said...

I bet you are goiong to have tons of fun with all your new toys! I cant wait to see your projects!

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