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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Serendipitous Day

Hello friends and followers.  I hope everyone had a spectacular day today.  I have been feeling sick off and on all day, but was finally able to create in the last hour or so.  I have made a card for my sister-in-law's birthday and will post it tomorrow, when the ink dries.  :)  I have two more to create at the latest by tomorrow.  I'm starting to fall behind and get myself into a little bit of trouble.  Uh oh. :p 

On a good note, my doctor's advice yesterday seemed to help.  I took a new medicine (essentially prescription strength Aleve) and it actually seemed to help quite a bit with the pain and the headache.  I'm truly shocked because usually, nothing works very well.  All my fibro friends, give it a try if you can stomach it.  I asked my doctor if there were drug interactions, because I swear I read that there were, but he insisted it was nothing to worry about.  All this time I could have been taking that to help and here I thought it would cause some bad interaction!  Who knew?

My day pretty much consisted of staying home, neurotically checking my blog to see if I got any new followers :0), selling on Craig's List, and thinking about what I could do if I felt well! :p  First off today I got an email from a cool fashion website and was able to put my two cents in over there.  LOL Check out and look up my name (Amy Courchaine).  I posted some info there and can't wait to make that a part of my normal routine as I LOVE fashion and anything at all to do with it.  At one point I was attending the Academy of Art University online to get my degree in Fashion Design, before this illness hit.  Someday I really hope to go back to it, but for now I will be happy designing paper crafts. :)  Secondly, I was thinking about my favorite boutique and how I really wish I could write about them at this fashion website, but they don't have their own site so I couldn't do that.  Next thing ya know I get an email in my inbox from them (1st one ever!), and they have opened up an online boutique!  I am stoked and how weird is it that I was just thinking about it and it happened!  I feel like I should have a magic wand or something today. ;)  JK of course. *sigh*

Tomorrow my big day consists of going to pick up my ceramic creations and heading over to to pick up some kits to work on from home.  I need to created about 15 kits for an upcoming winter card class, which of course, I plan on attending or at least purchasing one of the kits.  It's a habit that I just can't break!  I'm so addicted to the store that I work at and to scrapping in general that I really need to work about 10 jobs or win EVERY sweepstakes out there just to cover the expense! LOL 

I hope everyone has a great evening tonight and wish you all a restful sleep.  I am going to try to relax a bit, but if I can't, you'll see me back on here for sure!

XO ~ Amy Jo


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