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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ahh, it's a beautiful day when you are able to get out of bed!

Hello fun friends and followers.  How is everyone doing today?  I hope you all like my new layout.  I was bored last night. LOL. Please take a moment to vote for me if you haven't already.  I'd really appreciate it!  Trying to move up in the blogging world.  I had a rough night again last night...up til 3:00 again. :p  Got up this afternoon at around 1:45 and got myself up and around and went off to work a little early.

So out of all that stuff I bought, there were a few things I couldn't find anywhere.  I looked online even.  So I go into work today and what do I find?  The EXACT things I was looking for even though last week they didn't even carry these items!  I couldn't believe it!  Our little shop rocks.  I had so much fun there today.  I took home three different kitting projects to work on this week for some credit and I picked up a few kits for myself to play with when I have free time.  I have a pile of (no joke) about 20 or so unfinished kits and projects.  First off I have 5 Thanksgiving cards that I have to have done by tomorrow, so I can't start on my new kits yet.  I am working on a Halloween mini album and a Christmas album too at the moment.  Not to mention my Gratitude album, which I'm dying to start on!  I don't quite feel like I have the energy yet though.  Hmmm... Shouldn't have lied down!

On a totally different note, tomorrow I have a new little thing going.  I am starting a little book group!  I've never done anything like that and who knows when I'll have time to read an actual book, but I really wanted to do something to ground me a little bit.  While I really love crafting, it gets me all hyper and I can't sleep!  I want to make myself a new routine that includes at least 15 minutes to an hour of reading before bed so I can quiet my mind a little bit.  Does anyone else struggle with that?  If so, please give me some tips on what you do to relax!  I used to be a little better at it than I am now.  Now I have too many design ideas in my head!

I'm going to try to post a picture every day or two so today, I have a picture of a patchwork quilt card that I completed for my mom's friend.  This was a super fun and easy one to do.  It would be fun to make a challenge like this, but I've never done a challenge before.  The day will come, I hope.  Let me know what you think!

Well, I'm off to create some more cards and play with my toys!  Have a great night everyone, I'll post more either tonight if I can't sleep, or tomorrow for sure!

XO ~ Amy Jo


Kate said...

Thanks so much for your comment at FCCB! I followed the link to vote for you - so hope I did it right! Great job with your patchwork quilt card. I hope you can get some sleep tonight!

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