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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Multiple Sources of Income and V-Day Updates

Hello you beautiful, wonderful, inspiring, crafty, amazing people!  I am so lucky to have you all here with me.  Some of my favorite friends definitely do live inside my computer! LOL  I hope everyone's had a fantastic week.  I've caught a nasty cold that has been going around, but at least it's not the awful flu that my Bestie caught!  That was a nightmare, poor thing.  It has been going around FoCO like crazy!  Very scary.

So I thought I'd just give you guys a little look inside my world this week and give you the boring details of my week and my current thoughts and goals.  I spent most of the week being lazy because of feeling pretty sick.  I have wonderful thoughts of all I have to get done and all I want to get started on.  I even signed myself up for a hop with a challenge and I have Valentine's cards galore that I have to make to be sold, including a local event at Luminous Skinn where my cards will  be for sale and some of my "romantic coupon books" as well.  My generous friend, Maggie, so thoughtfully contacted me to make some cards for the event to sell and I don't have to attend because she will be there to do that for me.  What a sweet opportunity so, of course, I said yes to that!  Point being, I need a drill sergeant over here to get my butt in gear if I'm gonna get this all done in time! LOL - Nah, I'll swing it.  I work well under pressure. ;) If nothing else, I'll turn my hubby into a card maker yet! LOL  I will post the flier here for you all to see once I get the revised edition from Maggie, that way any of you local gals and guys can attend or send your SO's over there to shop for you!  This event was set up mainly for guys to come to so they could do all their shopping in one place and have the advice of women available to help them pick out something fantastic for their gal; however, I think women should go to, especially if there is a daughter or mom or some special gal in your life that you would like to get a gift for.  This would be the perfect place to go to get something very unique!  I will be making a bunch of great Valentine's cards for this event, so locals, please stop by and pick up a card at least.  Prices are very reasonable!  Anyone interested online please contact me and I'll hook you up!  The ladies that are going to be there are Silpada Jewelry demonstrators and Miche Bag distributors!  How fun is that!  We can certainly get orders to ya before V-Day if you think of anything you want.  Just let me know ASAP!  I'll also post the links to their websites for you to check out what they sell.  As far as ordering cards from me, if you feel so inclined ;) just shoot me an email or leave me a comment.  Prices start at around $1.00 for the little kids Valentine's, depending on what you need!

Phew, sorry to go on so long about that!  In other news (LOL), I am just trying to schedule meetups for my meetup group and find a few assistant organizers for that, which will help me out a ton!  I am reading a book for my book group and I've set up a meetup for the next book group.  Also, I'm working on my other businesses and trying to get them some more business and btw, did I mention, I'm signing up to be  a MEMORY-WORKS consultant!!!!  Yay!  They have awesome stuff, awesome prices and I can't wait to get it up and running for you all.  I would love to have some great customers and I know that all of you scrapbookers love to buy stuff for scrapping and I'd hope you'd want to help a friend out and shopping with me will give you extra benefits!  I will be doing special discounts and giveaways and fun stuff real soon, so look forward to that in the next couple of weeks. :)  I am super excited.  They carry some of my favorite scrapbooking lines and items and their prices are fantastic!  Cheaper than most sites and definitely cheaper than the stores.  I'll keep you all posted and my first customer will be sure to get a very special treat!

The next thing I'm working on is bumping up my Be Young Essential Oils sales.  Oh yeah, did I mention I'm a Be Young Consultant? ;)  For those of you interested in amazing, pure, delightful essential oils, I sell the best available (in my opinion after trying tons of different companies products).  From those oils, I have been creating and selling custom blends for ailments such as menstrual cramps, headaches, sleeplessness, etc. and my bath salts are the bomb!  I've had wonderful feedback on my bath salts.  I only use pure ingredients and no special preservatives or artificial anything.  Ladies, give them a try and I promise you won't be disappointed.  I also wanted to tell you I believe in supporting each others businesses.  If you shop with me, I'll make a point to shop with you and send people your way too!  So I don't have pics of the products I create from the Be Young, but my website where you can shop directly is  This is a link to the actual Be Young site and they offer AMAZING products.  If they seem a little pricey, it's because of the sheer quality and the process they go through to extract the purest oil available.  If any of you are interested in the healing properties of essential oils and aromatherapy, please let me know and I'd love to help you figure out the right things for your body so you can feel great.  It's another one of my passions and it deals directly with Fibro for me.  Essential oils absolutely have provided me some relief with my symptoms and I would love to chat with you gals with fibro about these benefits and the proper way to use them and the correct oils to get and why the way they are harvested is so very important.  Hope this gets some of you inspired to learn a little about what nature has to offer.  :0)  Thanks all for listening to my ramblings today.  I'm not trying to do a sales pitch, so please forgive me, but I do want to let everyone in on the other things in my life that take up my time.

One last one is Amy'SWay.  This is one of my businesses that is the most important to me.  Please check it out on my website at and click on the Amy'sWay tab.  The products I sell with this business and the people I meet make me so happy.  I am a true lover of this business, but there is so much to it, it's best for people to check out the website and contact me so I can answer questions and head you in the right direction!

Thanks all for reading today and please, when you get the time check out some of these fun businesses that I am involved in.

Lots of love,
Amy Jo XO


Juicy Creations said...

Hi Amy thanks so much for the package. I love it.. The jar is super cute and cant wait to use the salt. Your card is amazing..I love it.. thanks so much. Hope your feeling better. I'm doing ok, just in a lot of pain. My doctors still dont have a medication to give me so I just take vicodine.. well i just wanted to let you know i got your package. Take care.

Maggie said...

Amy -

You are an amazing gal and I'm looking forward to meeting you and all your friends at our Miche/Silpada Valentine's extravaganza. It's going to be an fabulous day where everyone can shop til they drop and select from wonderful handmade Valentine cards, gorgeous Miche bags and beautiful Silpada jewelry! All their needs in one stop!!

Hope you get rid of that cold real soon...spring is coming - yay!

Hugs to you girl!!


JustYolie said...

You are one busy lady! Thanks for visiting me and leaving me a comment. I'm now your newest follower.

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