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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Newsletter In the Works

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

I had an idea today that I would like your help with.  Actually, a few ideas.  First off, I am going to start a newsletter full of fun info and discounts and tips and lots of other good things. I am going to become a Memory Works consultant by February and really want to get all of my little businesses together in one spot.  My question to you all is what would you like to see in a newsletter and what would make you more likely to read it?  I want to create something that people actually look forward to getting so any advice would be fantastic and much appreciated!

The second topic that I need advice on is my blog.  Would you like it better if I did step by step pictures along the way or is just posting the card and what I used enough?  What would make it more fun for you?  Are there more ideas or topics you would like to see on here?  What can I do to improve this site and make it fun and again, something you look forward too.  And yes, the candy will be drawn later today and more will be along shortly! ;0)  Who doesn't love blog candy? Please let me know what I can do to improve and keep you all interested and happy.  You all have been such a lovely bunch and I want to repay you by making a blog you actually want to read and check into!

Now I have a little research to see who all gets extra entries for the drawing today and who all posted on their sidebar etc.  It's going to take me a little time to track down where everyone came from so please bare with me.  Are you getting excited yet? I sure am!!!  Also I will have another cute card to post later as well.

Thanks guys for your advice and all the comments you leave and support you give.  I have some great projects coming up that revolve around all the good things like that and it's going to get pretty exciting here in blogland pretty quickly.  Changes are coming! 

Also please note, I will be messing around with my layout til I get it right, so if it looks funky, it's just because I'm working on it.  Will get it right one of these days, but I never stick with something too long.  Being a crafter means being creative. Having the same layout all the time is not creative enough for me so I hope that nobody minds!


Dawn said...

Oooooohhhh a newsletter what fun!!!Hints tips & discounts are always welcome as well as upcoming events such as bolg hops etc!
Good luck playing with your layout! Enjoy! Excitedly waiting for your draw!!! One of us will be a winner & I'm excited for whoever it may be!!! lol
Dawn xxx

Celeste B. said...

I love the newsletter idea. I can't really think of anything else to go in it. As far as step-by-steps for cards . . . I think that as long as it is a simple card, one picture is fine (just in my opinion). I think you do a wonderful job! :) Thanks for sharing your amazing talents!

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