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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Design Team Bliss

Hey Awesome, Fantabulous Friends,

Good, not only have I just recently been picked to be on the design team for Vintage Heartfelt Designs, but I have also been lucky enough to land a spot on Jillian Vance's design team!!! How incredibly cool is that?  I posted the blinky on my sidebar which will lead you to the blog.  We are just getting set up and deciding which blog address we'll be posting on, but I'll let you know ASAP.  We have some fun projects coming up featuring Jillian's awesome products!  I have some of the stamp sets already, which totally rock, btw, but also will soon be receiving some other materials to work with.  I'm stoked about it.  They have some fantastic, unique stamps, and - oh yeah, did I mention b4 (like a hundred times), she's only 12!!!  I'm so honored to be picked by Jillian and Bunny (her sweet and amazingly supportive and talented mom).  This means, you will be seeing a ton of new posts on my blog all the time!  Oh yeah, I have one more HUGEr than HUGE announcement to make very soon, but for now, I have to keep you guessing.  Still not allowed to share my incredible excitement with you on this one, but how awesome is it that two lovely blogs (besides my FCCBlog, whom I adore) have picked me up to help with challenges and other fun stuff?  I'll get all the links and info to you shortly in one post as soon as I get to tell you my other great news.  For now, use the blinkies on my blog to get there. :0)  Thank you all for sharing in my joy and for all your support and kindness whenever something good happens to me.  I appreciate it so much and adore your comments.

XO ~ Amy Jo


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