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Monday, December 6, 2010

Creating the Hive

Hello my wonderful friends!  How is everybody doing today?  I'm pretty sore and run down after my little party yesterday, but I'm in great spirits!  I have found this awesome website Creating the Hive and had no idea that something like this even existed.  The specific link I have posted here is for people who love to craft, but live with chronic pain like myself!  However, once you get to the site, you can click around and join all the groups (you don't have to have an illness, it's a site for ALL crafters).  Talk about a fun site!  I'm loving it and so excited to get as involved as I can! 

Well, I just got interrupted by the doorbell (UPS man) and I'll tell ya, that sure brightened my day even more!  Yes, I know it's Christmas time and you're supposed to be buying gifts for others (and I have), but I really go off the one for you, one for me type of shopping policy. LOL ;)  Sooooo, I got in a bunch of fun stuff from (1st order from them) and really they do an awesome job of packaging everything together so it's all organized when you get it.  They even put the small paper packs in a reusable colored gift bag and same with the stamps I bought.  I love it when places are eco-friendly and do little extra special things like that so 5 stars for!  I will post some pics of all my new stuff soon.  Most of it I truly did buy to create Christmas cards and gifts so I don't have any buyer's remorse! LOL  Got some super cute stuff!

I bought an amazing printer's tray to create a Halloween in Wonderland theme with.  I saw it on someones blog and I'm going to make a similar thing.  It was the coolest decorative item ever!  I had no idea you can do so much with paper!  The more tutorials I watch, the more amazed I am and the more inspired I become.  Now, if only my body would cooperate with my enthusiasm!  The weather is cloudy today and I'm pretty sure that's why I'm feeling so out of it.  I have to go in to work later and there are kits that HAVE to be done by tomorrow evening at the latest so I'm really hoping my pain levels drop and my energy levels rise.

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow bright and early (yuck) so wish me luck!  I have to go in to chat with him about the levels of  pain meds I'm on and how they still are not working enough for me.  I have a plan of action, but it's going to be difficult to get him on board, I fear.  I will let you all know if anything new gets achieved.  My advice to people going through this is to make sure you make yourself heard.  You need to get your point across and don't let the doc disregard what you have to say and how you feel.  That's what you are paying them for... to provide a service to you!

Better get myself in gear over here.  It takes me forever just to get dressed and decent looking! LOL

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!

XO ~ Amy Jo


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