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Monday, June 11, 2012

High Park Fire - Fort Collins, CO

Hi Friends!

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've posted!  I have just been battling with my illness and depression as well as weaning off my medications, which is hard.  I am hoping to be back in action this week and hope to make some new projects to share with you all.

Right now, we are in the middle of the 2nd largest fire ever in Colorado history and unfortunately it is somewhat close to where I live.  The air has become very poor and it's really getting to us!  We have headaches, my nose and throat hurt and my and my hubby's eyes are itchy and painful.  We are not close enough to be in direct danger of the fire, but I will share some photos with you that were taken literally right outside my door.  Keep in mind, what you see here is all smoke NO CLOUDS!!! That bright red ball is the sun!  It was blood red and huge!  Wish I had better pics to showcase it.  Click on the pics for a bigger view.

 Smoke & the sun
 Smoke as seen from outside our front door, over the neighbor's house
 Look at the color under those smoke plumes - the whole sky was lit up with orange
Pretty Colorado sunset?  Not quite!  Again, this is FIRE not clouds!  Crazy huh?

Thanks for popping in today and let me know what you think about the pics!  Say your prayers for all of the people that had to evacuate and all of the poor animals affected by this 20,000 acre fire!  Some people have already lost their houses, but it's too hard to tell how many have actually been burned.  The fire grew from 2 acres to 20,000 acres in a matter of 36 hours!!!  Inside our house it smells like a campfire.  Our windows are shut, but it's still coming in.  We may have to go somewhere else tomorrow if it gets worse because the air is very potent.  It's like being at a bonfire, but it smells like that inside and outside our house!

I'll check back in soon!

XO ~ Amy Jo

P.S.  - If you want to help please click HERE.